Adam Gibson – Incubator Mentor 2020

Adam Gibson is the founder of Venture Organic and Regen Catalyst and a passionate advocate for the global regeneration of our food system. With over two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur in the fitness and wellness industry, Adam is highly regarded in the natural health and integrative medicine industry as a business mentor and seminar facilitator. Adam has consulted to over 1,100 individual business owners over the last 12 years, and has won a Fundraising Institute of Australia award for best new initiative through his work with Diabetes Australia.

Operating from a strong belief that fresh, nutrient dense, organic food should be “the new normal” for every consumer, Adam has now turned his attention to catalysing change in the food system through innovation and disruption. As a business mentor he offers a unique combination of skills in “contrarian marketing strategy”, startup strategy, business development, leadership training, personal growth and conscious development for business owners. Over the last 18 months, Venture Organic has facilitated the launch of over thirty independent startup businesses in the regenerative space, and created a professional network of investors, mentors, projects and capital focussed on innovation in regenerative food production. 

Q & A  – Norfolk Incubator Programme – 2020

Where did you grow up?

Born in Bondi but then grew up in the bush on the western outskirts of Brisbane.

Given the choice between living in the city or country which would you choose and why?

Country all day long. Can’t stand traffic or pollution!

Describe your area of expertise?

Developing out business ideas that can assist in the transition to regenerative food systems and wellness.

What are you looking forward to most about participating in the Norfolk Island Incubator Programme?

I love that Norfolk can become a global prototype of a “regenerative wellness” retreat

What wisdom or knowledge do you hope to share with the participants?

I’m a facilitator, coach, connector. I ‘m good at recognising potential and “activating” ideas, businesses and people. Combination of intuitive and strategic thinking. I veer towards building value into products and services, and creating lifestyle focussed outcomes for business owners.

What is the greatest hurdle you have had to overcome in your career and how did you do it?

Reinvention! After a lifetime as a gym owner and semi-professional bodybuilder (17 years), I closed the door on that chapter and began again from scratch as a mentor/coach to the wellness and integrative health industry.

If you could solve one problem or issue what would it be?

Every family, child and person would be eating organic, regeneratively produced real food for EVERY meal.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t take it all so seriously! You aren’t as important as you think you are.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be and why?

Bruce Springsteen. Cos he’s the Boss, and he is a great example of how to age well

Best advice you have been given?

From my Mum when I was a kid. Do what makes you happy for a career, it’s more important than money.

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