Apply Now: Norfolk Island Business Incubators

Are you in the Agribusiness or Wellness Tourism industry on Norfolk? Do you have a brilliant business idea for Nourishing Norfolk?

Norfolk Island residents are warmly invited to apply to take part in the Regional Development Australia Norfolk Island Business Incubator Programs for 2020.  

There are two streams available to encourage the development of Agricultural and Wellness Tourism on Norfolk Island.

What is the Agribusiness incubator?

Are you a local grower? Do you use locally farmed, fished or foraged natural produce to create something else in the food, beverage, textile, health or beauty industries?  

The aim of the Norfolk Island Agribusiness Incubator is to build Agripreneurs (Agriculture Entrepreneurs) whilst simultaneously building a Norfolk Island food brand and enhancing opportunities for Agribusiness and Agrimanufacturing businesses both on island, for both residential and tourism markets, as well as via export markets.  

What is the Wellness Tourism incubator?  

Do you have a product or service on island that would contribute to nourishing someone’s life? An experience, a concept, an activity, a venue – or something of Norfolk to share?

The focus of the Wellness Tourism Incubator is to build awareness of this sector and to fill gaps in product development. We want the world to hear about all the wonderful soul nourishing things that Norfolk Island has to offer.

Our new “normal” can be anything. Take part in the process, learn new skills, have some fun whilst targeting and attracting a new segment of the tourism market.   

Why should you apply?

Key program features include  

  • 1:1 support from an experienced mentor specifically selected for each participant
  • Educational programs aiming to up-skill participants in business and marketing skills, industry knowledge and network building skills
  • Assistance with researching existing and potential opportunities to expand these markets on Norfolk Island

What’s in it for you?  

  • Grow your business concept through workshops, webinars and 1:1 mentoring
  • Access resources and tools to expand your business & industry knowledge
  • Connect with industry experts and mentors to broaden your network 
  • Build supportive relationships across the island 
  • Learn new skills and develop a business mindset
  • Following COVID-19, it’s never been more important to start innovating together

How much time does the program cost?  

The program is fully funded and completely free of charge for you.

How much time do you need to commit?  

To enable you to complete the program and become an alumni, you will need to allocate a minimum of 8 hours per month – split into study groups, webinars and online contact with mentors.  

More information about the 2020 Program

The programs will run from July to November 2020 and will be supported by locally employed Project Officers.

Like the successful 2019 incubator, the 2020 program is presented in a ‘just in time’ learning format giving participants access to the skills they need as they are needed.

Unlike the 2019 Incubator, the 2020 program is structured in a series of group and individual online learning as well as study groups including farm days and test kitchen days.

Apply Now

To apply for your place in the 2020 Norfolk Island Agribusiness and Wellness Tourism Incubator Programs, please complete the questions in the online form at this link: applications close at 5pm on Sunday the 5th of July don’t miss out

If you need support please contact

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