RDA Mid North Coast (RDAMNC) provides a number of services to help our regional stakeholders prepare a strong economic argument in their applications for funding.

1. Funding opportunities


2. Support your applications with statistical evidence

RDAMNC provides free access to the powerful REMPLAN regional data web tools. These apps provide a huge amount of statistical evidence about our industries, workforce, population, businesses and more. This information is provided at a regional level as well as a local government area specific level.

3. Letters of support

Certain funding programmes may advise applicants  to seek a letter of support from their RDA. Letters of support are generally provided for projects that (a) have strong employment outcomes; (b) are for priority infrastructure that will build capacity within an industry, or (c)  directly address an identified priority in the RDAMNC Regional Plan.  Please be aware we appreciate a minimum of 7 days notice to prepare letters of support. Call us for more information on 02 5525 1500.

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