Free Public Webinar – Graeme Sait – World leader in sustainable agriculture.

Graeme is the CEO and co-founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions (NTS), a world leader in sustainable agriculture. He is also an author/educator responsible for over 300 published articles and a popular book, “Nutrition Rules!”. He created the internationally acclaimed, ‘NTS Certificate in Nutrition Farming®. This course has now extended the understanding of over 40,000 farmers, on four continents.

Graeme has visited Norfolk Island many times and owned a small farm on the island for several years. He has studied the soil content on the island and produced an organic fertilizer that helps boost the required mineral content to produce better food.

Graeme is a sought-after speaker, specialising in soil, plant, animal and human health. More recently, that emphasis has expanded to include planetary health, in recognition of the profound link between soil humus and carbon sequestration. His popular TED Talk, ‘Humus Saves The World’, has 200,000 views. You can view it – HERE

Graeme has had a major impact influencing farmers, consultants, governments and key decision makers in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Asia, India and of course, Australia and New Zealand (his original home country). He recently consulted with the Minister of Agriculture in the U.K., to help develop a more sustainable post-Brexit agriculture policy. In February 2019, Graeme travelled to India to train a large group of Professors, some of whom will be involved in the World’s first organic university, soon to be established in that region.

Graeme is an inspirational teacher, and the descriptor most commonly used by his students is., “life-changing”.

Join us on ZOOM, Wednesday November 18th at 1pm where Graeme will be answering your questions and sharing his thoughts on soil health and why it is important.

This is the fourth instalment of a 5-part series of educational webinars, brought exclusively to the Norfolk Island community by Regional Development Australia Norfolk Island as part of the 2020 Nourishing Norfolk Incubator Programme

The webinar is free and open to everyone, important to note that you will need to have ZOOM on your device or computer and the link to access the webinar will be available on the RDA Norfolk Island website.

The link for the webinar is : HERE

If you are unsure of how to use zoom you can watch these short videos to learn how

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For those who can’t make the time it will be recorded and shared on the website.

Please visit for the webinar link and instructions on how to join or contact Daniela on 53784.

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