Affordable housing in the Mid North Coast is a key concern for RDAMNC. We are working with a range of stakeholders to enable more housing availability, particularly for key workers.

1. Initiatives

RDAMNC has delivered numerous initiatives through 2021 and 2022 to better understand potential solutions to the housing crisis in the MNC (Shak, can you please include in initiatives placeholders for the following projects:

a. Housing Forum (May 2021)

b. Our Spaces

c. Research (place holder and click through to research link)

d. Housing Pledge (place holder, info on the way)

e. Housing toolkit (place holder, info on the way)

2. Research

RDAMNC has driven research in the Mid North Coast in recent years in the area of housing for key workers. We also subscribe to a data package provided by Data.au which enables up to date insights on matters pertinent to housing across the region. (Shak, can the button say research), the click through should then display:

a. RDAMNC Housing Action Report 2021 (attached)

b. RDAMNC Key Worker Accommodation Survey 2022 (placeholder, report pending)

c. Access to and Quality of housing report (placeholder, report pending)

3. Advocacy

RDAMNC is a voice for the Mid North Coast on key issues related to our regional economy. In 2022-23 we are asking Mid North Coast residents to take the housing pledge and commit to

a. getting a flatmate

b. building a secondary dwelling and

c. host a watch party for ‘Our Spaces’. (button) Learn more

4. Connect

There are a variety of different stakeholders contributing to the alleviation of housing shortages in the Mid North Coast. Follow the link to learn more about what is being done across the region and in your local government area, and to connect with relevant entities. (Sara, can you please send Shak the database of housing stakeholders).

5. Key dates

Shak, in the connect box an we please put a picture of the Our Spaces film launch. This will remain live until 26 August at which point we will change to ‘host an ‘our spaces’ watch party