Circular Economy

Circular economy is about decoupling economic growth from virgin resource use. Circular design of products, services and systems keep resources in the market longer, enabling sharing and reuse business models to become business as usual.” Circular Australia.

1. Initiatives

In 2022 RDAMNC has set out to discover what the circular economy means to the MNC. We are exploring potential opportunities, identifying resource gaps and bringing together stakeholders to better enable collaboration (Shak, can you please include in initiatives placeholders for the following projects:
a. Circular Economy MNC Scoping (placeholder)
b. Circular Economy MNC Forums (placeholder)
c. Ignite MNC Circular Economy presentations (placeholder)

2. Research

RDAMNC has driven research in the Mid North Coast in recent years in the area of housing for key workers. We also subscribe to a data package provided by which enables up to date insights on matters pertinent to housing across the region. (Shak, can the button say research), the click through should then display:
a. RDAMNC Mid North Coast Circular Economy Scoping document (placeholder) – coming soon…
b. RDAMNC Mid North Coast Circular Economy Prospectus (placeholder) … coming soon

3. Advocacy

RDAMNC is a voice for the Mid North Coast on key issues related to our regional economy. In 2022-23 are gaining a better understanding of how circular economy activities can contribute to our economy through the development of new jobs and skills, and enabling local production to meet regional supply chain gaps. Stay tuned for further information

4. Connect

There are a variety of different stakeholders contributing to the growth of the circular economy in Australia. Follow the link to learn more about what is being done across the region and in your local government area, and to connect with relevant entities. (Sara, can you please send Shak the database of housing stakeholders (from Tia)).

Support to Employ 

  • Apprenticeship Support Australia in NSW support for business owners to engage and sustain the employment of an apprentice. 
  • Employer Incentives for Australian apprenticeships information on a range of employer incentives for Australia apprenticeships. 
  • Indigenous Employment: hiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff 
  • JobActive: an Australian Government-funded network of organisations that are contracted by the Australian Government, through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, to deliver employment services to unemployed job seekers on Government income support payments and employers.  

5. Key dates

Shak, in the connect box can we please put a picture of the Circular Economy Forums. This will remain live until the end of October then we will change to an Ignite MNC image.