Workforce: Regional Skill Shortage

Regional Skill shortages are firmly on RDAMNC’s Radar in 2022. We are working with a range of stakeholders to enable stronger opportunities for the alleviation of skill (and people gaps) through the following initiatives:

1. Initiatives

RDAMNC is currently delivering a range of initiatives to contribute to more sustainable workforces across the Mid North Coast. (Shak, can you please include in initiatives placeholders for the following projects:
a. Local Jobs Program (Sara, can you please let Shak know what you’d like the LJP pages to look like)
b. My Future Workforce: A free to use jobs board, resume builder and skill tracker (thumbnail with link through to My Future Workforce
c. Workforce toolkit: (placeholder, here we’ll link to individual blog posts about recent trials and initiatives. This will demonstrate a variety of ways that we work).

2. Research

RDAMNC has driven research in the Mid North Coast in recent years in the area of workforce development. We also subscribe to a data package provided by which enables up to date insights on matters pertinent to workforce across the region. 
a. North Coast Employment Strategy (2019) 
b. North Coast Employment Strategy update (2022) – pending
c. North Coast Skills Snapshot (2019) 2019 North Coast Skills Snapshot – Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast NSW (
d. Industry Blueprints Industry Blueprints – Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast NSW (

3. Advocacy

RDAMNC is a voice for the Mid North Coast on key issues related to our regional economy. In 2022-23 we have a strong focus on creating sustainable employment pathways for young people.

4. Connect

There are a variety of different stakeholders contributing to employment in the Mid North Coast. Follow the link to learn more about what is being done across the region and in your local government area, and to connect with relevant entities. (Sara, can you please send Shak a database of employment services – or perhaps this needs to link back to My Future Workforce?? Not sure?).

Support to Employ 

  • Apprenticeship Support Australia in NSW support for business owners to engage and sustain the employment of an apprentice. 
  • Employer Incentives for Australian apprenticeships information on a range of employer incentives for Australia apprenticeships. 
  • Indigenous Employment: hiring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff 
  • JobActive: an Australian Government-funded network of organisations that are contracted by the Australian Government, through the Department of Education, Skills and Employment, to deliver employment services to unemployed job seekers on Government income support payments and employers.  


  • Job Access:  driving disability employment: One in five Australians lives with disability. This represents a vast pool of talent, which employers can tap into to enhance workplace diversity and overcome labour shortages. 
  • My Future Workforce: Connecting employers, jobseekers and service providers to support and strengthen regional employment ecosystems. 
  • Skilled Migration Program: Business, Industry and Regional Outreach officers, located across Australia to provide general information on Australia’s regional and Skilled Migration  
    : RDAMNC 
  • Smart and Skilled: helping people in NSW get the skills they need to find a job and advance their careers. 
  • Transition to Work: ensures young people meet employers needs and are supported to settle into a job. 
  • Wage subsidies: financial incentives to encourage employers to hire eligible participants in ongoing jobs by contributing to the initial costs of hiring a new employee. Wage subsidies can help to build a business and give employers greater flexibility in their hiring options.  

5. Macksville Employer Information Session