Mid North Coast housing pledge

Lack of access to affordable and accessible housing on the Mid North Coast is a significant issue, with far reaching social and economic effects, which is why RDAMNC has made housing one of our key priorities for 2022.

  • As part of the the RDAMNC housing project, we are asking people to pledge to get a flatmate. 

    We know there are around 81,000 spare bedrooms across the Mid North Coast, that 30% of people live alone, and that more than 12,000 private dwellings are unoccupied. We also know more than 10% of mortgagees in the region are reporting mortgage stress, and more than 35% of renters are experiencing rental stress.

    We think we can use the housing resources we already have to help ease the housing crisis in our region.

    That’s why we have partnered with Flatmates.com:

    Flatmates.com.au is proud to partner with the RDAMNC as part of the Our Spaces Pledge. The housing crisis is touching all pockets of Australia and we encourage viewers to look at share accommodation as we do – as a long-term and legitimate way to live for many Australians. Here at Flatmates.com.au, we know just how much better life can be when it’s shared and we thank you for opening up your minds and your homes to share accommodation. – Claudia Conley, Community Manager Flatmates.com.au

    If you have a spare room in your house, and like the idea of sharing your expenses, making new friends, having an extra pair of hands around the house and helping a key worker find a home – take the pledge here or scan the QR code below.

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