Nourishing Norfolk 2020 – Finale and Wrap Up!

2020 Norfolk Island Incubator Programme – Nourishing Norfolk celebrated it’s finale at last weekend’s markets with the successful incubator participants displaying and selling their products and services.

To celebrate the official launch of their new products and services, the 2020 incubator entrepreneurs set up stalls at the Island Sunday markets on 6th December.

The event was a roaring success, the biggest and mostly highly attended Sunday market on NI in a very long time. The markets were busy with tourists and locals attending to support friends and family that were involved in the programme.

“The Nourishing Norfolk market showcase was such a proud moment for the whole island, and I believe that these businesses getting up and running, and launching themselves all together with a bang, has kickstarted a very positive movement on the island.” said Daniela Cristofaro, On-island Incubator Project Manager.

Nourishing Norfolk was designed to enhance the development of on-island businesses to attract and cater to the wellness tourism market and to strengthen the agribusiness sector.

The incubator was delivered and supported by Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast (RDAMNC) and Regional Development Australia Norfolk Island.

The vision of the program was to produce a strong, definable voice for Norfolk’s business sector; to weave the island’s story and all the wonderful soul nourishing things that Norfolk Island has to offer into the projects of the participants.

The program’s delivery occurred between July and November and combined mentoring, group study sessions, formal learning and online resources.

Participants were supported by a 5-month educational incubator program which provided tailored tools, skills and answers to their business doubts, questions and challenges.

COVID-19 revolutionised the way the program was delivered. A large portion of the program was delivered via educational online webinars, some of which were made available to the public.

Webinars could be watched live or on replay, and topics included regenerative farming, agritourism, branding, digital marketing, wellness tourism, soil & gut health and much more.

The fourteen participants that completed the programme focused on Wellness Tourism and Agribusiness. Projects included niche wellness retreats, natural health services, regenerative farming, food production practices, creation of innovative products from existing waste streams, and delicious Norfolk inspired artisanal treats.

Supporting the program and participants were a wide network of mentors, teachers and advisors, two local program facilitators, island mentors and existing island business owners.

Several island business owners attended the fortnightly group study sessions in order to answer participant questions on topics such as setting up a business, business planning, operational challenges, import, export, marketing and finance.

This initiative proved incredibly valuable to the participants and all benefitted from having local experts share their knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of running a business on Norfolk Island.

RDAMNC and RDA Norfolk Island would like to especially thank Slick and Sons, Prinke Eco Store, The Homestead Restaurant, Kooshoo, Norfolk Island Real Estate, Norfolk Island Liquor Bond and The Hilli Goat farm for sharing their expertise.

Guest speakers that featured during the incubator’s delivery included Charles Massey, Glenn Morris, Graeme Sait, Sam Dunn, Dr Marc Cohen and Katherine Drogga, all considered leaders in their chosen fields.

Topics covered including marketing, branding, social media, freight, outsourcing, soil health, wellness tourism, farming practices and much more.

“I’d like to congratulate all of the participants for their hard work and dedication to the program. Also, thanks to Tina Loader and Lucy Semple for their contributions and especially Daniella Cristofaro for her dedication to supporting the participants throughout the program” said Kerry Grace, Director of Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast and Regional Development Australia Norfolk Island

“We were so delighted to be on island last weekend and to see the community support the participants at the local market and also at Rebekka’s farm day, we hope to hear more stories of on island businesses working together to build each other’s businesses”

Throughout the programme Incubator Facilitator’s Adam Gibson and Kris Abbey organised the amazing array of inspirational speakers and also shared their knowledge and wisdom in several talks and workshops, RDAMNC and RDA Norfolk Island would like to thank them for their time and support.

RDAMNC and RDA Norfolk Island would also like to thank Eric Hutchinson, Administrator of Norfolk Island for his support of Nourishing Norfolk 2020.

Congratulations to all the successful participants and everyone who were involved in Nourishing Norfolk and we look forward to seeing these ideas evolve into inspiring and successful businesses.

For more information be sure to check out RDA Norfolk Island Website or

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