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Mid North Coast [Connected]

By launching Mid North Coast [Connected] we want to show potential investors another side to this region: an industrial paradise of low cost land, affordable housing, ever-increasing connectivity and a highly skilled workforce.

Our Champions of Food

Our Champions of Food showcases some of the most innovative food producers and agribusinesses across the Mid North Coast, from large scale manufacturers to boutique producers. We invite you to be inspired by what’s already happening in our local food industry.

Industry Blueprints

Youth unemployment is a big ticket item in the Mid North Coast. In 2017 RDAMNC delivered a project which was funded by the NSW Government called Industry Blueprints. The project aimed to articulate an industry snapshot which would provide concise and appealing information to young people in grades 9-10 and their families. You can download […]

SMART Region Proposal

There is a lot of talk about SMART cities, and with good reason. At the beginning of 2017 Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast embarked on a journey to discover what a SMART region might look like – and who some of the major players would be. The MNC SMART Region Strategy is a conversation about […]

MNC Skills Audit

The MNC Skills Audit identifies the current and future skill sets required on the Mid North Coast with a particular focus on the skills required to manage and generate future growth in the region. Highlighting  potential opportunities and constraints faced by employers in attracting and recruiting current/future employees to the region. Providing evidence required to develop strategies […]

MNC University Economic Report

The presence of a university campus in a regional town or city can have a significant impact upon economic prosperity of the relevant area. A university helps to retain young people, provides access to higher education, increases employment opportunities, generates housing demand and can create a cluster of supporting business opportunities.  This report identifies some […]

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