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    The Mid North Coast comprises an area of 17,218 square kilometres. RDA Mid North Coast supports the following local government areas: Coffs Harbour, Bellingen, Nambucca, Kempsey, Port Macquarie/Hastings, the former Greater Taree LGA and Lord Howe Island. The region has a population of around 280,428 people. The annualised growth rate from 2016-2021 was 1.04%. median age is 48 Years.

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    The Mid North Coast’s annual economic output is $30.849bn. The construction industry sector makes the greatest contribution to economic output in the region, which at $5.1bn accounts for 16.45% of total output. The Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services sector accounts for 12% of total output ($3.7bn) and the Manufacturing sector 11.5% ($4.6bn)

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    The Mid North Coast supports 96,448 jobs. The largest employing sector is Health Care and Social Assistance employing 18.6% of the workforce (17,767 people) followed by retail trade (12.8% or 11,997 people) and Construction 9.8% (9,383 people)

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    There are airports located in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Taree accessing Sydney and Brisbane and some smaller regional routes. The Mid North Coast is situated half way between Sydney and Brisbane.

MNC Strategic Regional Plan

The new Charter requires RDAs to ‘co-ordinate the development of a strategic regional plan, or work with suitable existing regional plans that will align with the Commonwealth’s regional priorities’. It is important that, to the extent possible, economic development stakeholders agree on a set of common needs and priorities for their region and coordinate their collective efforts in a manner that ensures the achievement of outcomes is maximised. As facilitators of economic development, RDAs have an important role to play in bringing stakeholders together under a common strategic plan for their region. A number of regions already have regional plans in place; this guidance note is to help RDAs decide whether to align behind an existing regional plan or co-ordinate the development of a new one.

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